A British hospital has canceled a woman's major surgery after she refused to play along with gender ideology and requested a female nursing staff for her recovery
· · Oct 20, 2022 · NottheBee.com

It is legitimately hard to overstate the depravity and stupidity on display from this hospital:

A hospital banned a sex assault victim from having an operation after she asked for all-female nursing care because of safety concerns over mixed facilities.

The patient - a feminist retired lawyer MailOnline is calling Emma - was told by London's Princess Grace Hospital it had to 'protect staff from unacceptable distress'.

The "unacceptable distress," mind you, is that the woman didn't want to receive intimate, sensitive medical care from men who are pretending to be women (particularly given that she is a survivor of sexual assault); nor did she want to play along with the hospital's obsession with gender ideology.

Pretty simple requests, though the hospital didn't see it that way:

Emma, who lives in north London, asked for single sex accommodation and - as per her beliefs - did not wish to 'use pronouns or engage with such manifestations of gender ideology'.

She told MailOnline: 'I was not going to agree to fill in reams of hospital paperwork about my non-existent "gender identity" or give my pronouns to anyone.' ...

But when she arrived on October 6 for her clinical pre-op assessment, which involved intimate procedures, what appeared to be a transgender man in a blonde wig and make-up opened the door and made eye contact with her.

The encounter - which is now being investigated by the hospital and its parent firm HCA - prompted her to complain and to make an urgent extra request for all-female nursing care.

Yeah if a woman has been sexually assaulted by a man in the past, you probably understandably don't really want that kind of experience when you're about to undergo major surgery.

But it was too much for the hospital!

She was stunned then to receive an email from the hospital's chief executive Maxine Estop Green telling her the operation was off.

She told her the hospital 'did not share her beliefs' and she should make alternative arrangements for her surgery.

The message added the hospital was committed to protecting staff from what it described as 'unacceptable distress'. ...

The hospital said it would offer a private room but would NOT facilitate her requests for single-sex care after her operation.

Imagine responding this way when a sexual assault victim says she only wants female attendants after her surgery.

Gender ideology continues to infect every level of society. It's getting worse and it's going to keep getting worse unless people make a bigger stink about it.


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