A California high school just canceled its football season after a video surfaced of the team holding a mock "slave auction" and I have questions
· Oct 5, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I didn't expect to get up today and write about a fake slave sale in California, but nevertheless here we are.

Yuba City high school has canceled the remainder of its football season after members of the team were filmed enacting a prank in which they appeared to "auction" off Black teammates.

The video showed members of River Valley High School's football team seeming to act out a "slave auction" of their Black teammates.

School district officials received the video on Thursday. Yuba City Unified School District Superintendent Doreen Osumi called the video "unacceptable" and "deeply offensive" in a written statement shared with CNN.

I gotta say...after seeing what I assume is "the video" in question, I'm a bit...confused?

Like, sure, obviously it's offensive stuff. That's why they did it. They wanted to offend people.

But, I mean, what exactly was the context of this video? Were they actually holding a lengthy mock slave auction? Was this like an event that they carried out? Did it actually go on for longer than the 17 seconds depicted in the video?

Because it looks to me like they just staged this one tiny little scene as part of some stupid attempt to go viral on social media. In other words, they weren't merely holding a "mock slave auction," but rather a "mock mock slave auction."

Which, you know, it's offensive. Sure. Again, that's the point. But is a pathetic little attempt to be TikTok famous for a few minutes really worthy of an entire season of football cancelled?

Did the school overreact? What do you think?

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