The New York Times is getting roasted for this utterly ridiculous headline. Check it out. 🤡
· Oct 5, 2022 ·

Despite Don Lemon getting absolutely embarrassed on CNN for trying to tie Hurricane Ian to climate change, the rest of the media have decided to continue to trudge down Lemon Lane and go to great efforts to shame DeSantis for not buying into the climate hoax.

Cue The New York Times with one of the most disgraceful headlines of all time:

DeSantis didn't participate in a climate-based power grab and now they want storm aid! Conservatives pwned!

If only Florida had raised taxes and banned gas cars like California they wouldn't be hit by a hurricane which has happened since time immemorial.

The NYT is seriously telling Florida they get what they deserve for not going along with their insane climate alarmism.

Hurricane Ian's wrath made clear that Florida faces some of the most severe consequences of climate change anywhere in the country. But the state's top elected leaders opposed the most significant climate legislation to pass Congress — laws to help fortify states against, and recover from, climate disasters, and confront their underlying cause: the burning of fossil fuels.

Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott voted against last year's bipartisan infrastructure law, which devotes some $50 billion to help states better prepare for events like Ian, because they said it was wasteful. And in August, they joined every fellow Republican in the Senate to oppose a new climate law that invests $369 billion in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the largest such effort in the country's history.

At the same time, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has blocked the state's pension fund from taking climate change into account when making investment decisions, saying that politics should be absent from financial calculations.

In the aftermath of Ian, those leaders want federal help to rebuild their state — but don't want to discuss the underlying problem that is making hurricanes more powerful and destructive.

The NYT is really saying that if DeSantis would only have invested state pension funds based on a company's climate policies, then maybe Ian wouldn't have hit.

What an absolute joke.

Thankfully, level-headed people can see through this insane logic.

The replies to The New York Times absolutely roast the heck out of the nation's PaPeR oF ReCoRd.

In the wise words of Andrew Klavan: The New York Times, a former newspaper.

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