Arizona hospital "on brink of collapse" due to the sheer number of illegal immigrants abusing the system
· Feb 6, 2023 ·

Well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of "progressive" policies come home to roost.


There are so many illegal aliens overwhelming this hospital in Yuma, Arizona that it's about to close down. Meaning NO hospital for anyone in the area.

Migrant patients are overwhelming a border town's sole hospital, straining medical resources and placing the facility on the brink of collapse without sufficient funding to accommodate the influx of people.

Dr. Robert Transchel, the president and CEO of Yuma, Arizona's Yuma Regional Medical Center, told co-hsot Rachel Campos-Duffy Sunday on "Fox & Friends Weekend" that the problem is nothing new.

"It's been a long journey," he said. "We've been at this for well over a year now. We tracked our uncompensated care for a period of over six months, and we calculated that we've provided over $20 million in uncompensated care to the migrants crossing the border."

You can't expect a hospital to operate at a $20 million deficit, yet continue to keep the lights on. The illegal alien situation creates an impossible scenario for hospitals because there is no legal way to recover costs.

So they have to charge you and your insurance company more to try to compensate for the care given to illegal aliens who should not be allowed in this country. And at a certain point, even that isn't enough.

Transchel said neither the city, the state nor the federal government is providing funds to accommodate the costs associated with the migrant influx.

He added that, despite taking the issue to Arizona officials and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the problem remains unsolved.

"We just don't have a payer source. Everybody is sympathetic, and everybody lends a listening ear, but nobody has a solution," he said.

"We've provided $20 million in care to the migrants that are crossing the border and we just don't have a payer source for those individuals. It's not a sustainable model to have these continued rising expenses without a revenue source to offset that," he added.

Not only does the state and federal government not care, but you also have the Biden administration (aided now by the state) TEARING down the border wall in Arizona. They're inviting this problem in.

He added that the $20 million care cost fails to encompass the full scope of losses the facility has suffered since migrant patients became a problem, pointing to flight costs for some, as well as expenses associated with increased staffing.

"The infrastructure that we've had to add is uncompensated as well," he added, telling Campos-Duffy that migrants have been the hospital's only patients who have received free care.

Wouldn't it be nice if the White House actually cared about this crisis?

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