Idaho Satanists to hold "gender-affirmation ritual" at state capitol to protest bill that would protect kids from sex-change operations
· Feb 6, 2023 ·

Idaho Republicans are trying to pass a bill that would prevent doctors and therapists from permanently damaging children by making it a felony to offer sex-change surgery or puberty blockers to minors, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Of course, the Democrats and devil worshippers are ticked off about that.

The Boise chapter of The Satanic Temple, which calls itself "Satanic Idaho," is pushing back against the proposed legislation by staging a "Hail Yourself: Gender Affirmation Ritual" on Feb. 13 to "remind [Idahoans] that not everyone uses religion to condemn, but to accept," according to an advertisement on social media.

According to The Satanic Temple website, gender affirmation rituals carried out with a satanic minister "serve as both celebration of the self and a declaration to the self and others of one's true identity" and are purposed "to dispel any shame or stigma surrounding one's gender identity due to religious discrimination or cultural ignorance."

First, Satan worshipers are primarily preaching the exact same message as the world, "to thine own self be true." The only thing in the world that matters is self-fulfillment and celebration of the self.

Second, yeah, we were right. Transgenderism is satanic. The two ideas go hand in hand.

When the worshipers of Satan tell you this is who they are, believe them.

Back to the transgender story:

According to the text of the ritual, participants are invited to look at themselves in the mirror, count their breathing in three counts of six and say, "Thyself is Thy Master. I praise myself. I know myself. I love myself. Through self-affirmation, self-exploration and evolution I am able to become more of myself."

After citing The Satanic Temple's tenet that "my body is inviolable, subject to one's own will alone," participants must then "write your incorrect name, pronouns, other false identifiers on one sheet of paper," which must then be destroyed.

They are bringing children to this ritual to declare themselves as their own gods. This isn't tongue-in-cheek. These are real kids we're talking about. Real souls.

We're dealing with actual demons here.

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