North Carolina landscaper mows around a dead body thinking it was a Halloween decoration ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
ยท Oct 19, 2023 ยท

This sounds like something out of a sitcom script, but, honestly, I feel so bad for everyone involved in this story.

A groundskeeper in North Carolina was mowing in front of a log cabin when he noticed what looked like a dead body in the middle of the yard. Since it's spooky season, the groundskeeper thought it might be a prop for Halloween, so he just mowed around it.

Turns out it was a real dead body.

The mower just kept on mowing with a dead body in the yard, like nothing was wrong and left.

The next day a construction worker came to the cabin and HE discovered the dead body of 34-year-old Robert Paul Owens, who was half-naked according to reports.

(With a conspicuous amount of tall grass outlining his body.)

The deceased man's sister, Haley Reavis, set up a GoFundMe to help cover funeral expenses, and police have seen no sign of trauma so we aren't sure why Owens died.

His sister is not happy about the circumstances around her brother's death and discovery.

Reavis went on to call out the 'suspicious way' that her brother was found: 'He was found once on Monday by a lawn care employee that assumed he was Halloween decorations or a mannequin for K9 training and was never reported to authorities.

'Who in their right mind mows a yard at a house that has power on and no one has lived there in a while but the property is used for k9 training for years, can assume a half naked dead body with scratches and glass around it is halloween decor?'

Yeah, I think the sister is right. It seems really odd that someone would assume that a dead body was fake even if it was Halloween time. Also, like, he had to get REALLY close to it and see it from all angles to mow around it. Weird.

But, if that's legit what happened, you have to feel for that guy too. Halloween decorations are getting WAY out of control these days!

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