A lesbian dating app is being overrun by "trans women" and the clown world just keep on a-spinnin'
· Oct 26, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Welcome back to Keeping Up With The Clown World. I'm your host Clowny McClownerson. In this episode, we take a look at the lesbian dating app Her and how it has recently been taken over by males pretending to be females who are now somehow lesbians.

Take a look:

Yes folks, we've got ourselves some extra-clown world madness going on right here. And I must say: I kinda feel bad for these lesbian chicks. I really do. I might disagree with their lifestyle choices, but man, talk about being jaded! The whole LGBTQETC acronym is just being annihilated by the T. And it's actually quite a beautiful sight to watch it all unfurl.

Here are a few images from these "lesbian" profiles on the Her app. (You can find more of these by clicking the Twitter link above. I'll keep it brief here.):

So yeah, those aren't girls at all. Those are men. Men who are claiming to be lesbians.

How awkwardly convenient, sirs!

Maybe just drop the act altogether, go back to being a man, lift some weights, and find yourself a straight woman who treats you right. You could even have some kids while you're at it—try one of those traditional marriages!

Just an idea.

Anyhow, the clown world is being turned upside down and I'm not sure if it's spinning more efficiently this way or if we're just witnessing its downfall. Either way, this is quite entertaining.

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