This Minnesota man stabbed and beat a woman to a pulp because she was wearing an American flag shirt
· Oct 14, 2022 ·

Wow, this is some CRT in action here.

Critical racists continually preach that America is evil, racist, and oppressive. We're told that flying the American flag is a symbol of white supremacy by activists and supposed "experts."

When you combine that with the violent Islamic rhetoric that exists within some homes of the large Somali immigrant population in Minnesota, are you really surprised that a man would attack a woman for wearing American flag shirt?

According to a criminal complaint:

Police were called at 4:15 a.m. Tuesday to an open line 911 call with a screaming female, a male voice, and thumping sounds.

Police arrived to find a woman with a face so swollen that officers couldn't see her eyes. The victim was also bleeding from the nose and her entire body was soaking wet. Police saw water, broken plastic and several cracked cell phones on the floor.

The victim told officers Jal attacked her because he was upset she was wearing a shirt with the American flag on it. Jal allegedly choked the victim and punched her, then ripped a towel rack out of the wall and stabbed the victim with it. Police say the victim had a puncture wound.

The dude pulled a towel rack straight off the wall and used it to attack this lady who claims her only offense was wearing a shirt featuring the American flag.

When the lady called 911, the attacker broke her phone.

Jal is also accused of threatening to kill the woman and telling her she would die.

Jal took a cell phone and broke it when the victim called 911.

Witnesses heard Jal threaten the victim. The owner of the cell phone told officers Jal hid the towel rack under the bed and left the residence. Police found the towel rack, but were unable to locate Jal.

Jal has also been charged with misdemeanor counts of interrupting an emergency telephone call, and damage to property.

According to the most recent updates Jal is still on the loose but police have a warrant out.

Looks like CRT has saved America. Good job, everyone!

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