A New York county let children design their newest "I Voted" sticker and the current frontrunner is an image of a hideous spider-human hybrid
· Jul 9, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Listen, this isn't surprising. Nobody should be surprised by this. You put kids in charge and something like this is bound to happen.

The "I Voted" sticker is getting a makeover in upstate New York – and a spider-like psychedelic critter is squirming its way to victory.

The Ulster County Board of Elections launched a student contest for the second consecutive year for 13- to 18-year-olds to submit art to be featured on the ubiquitous voting day stickers.

As of early Friday, a multicolored arachnid creature with a humanoid head is leading the pack of six possible designs, garnering 90% of more than 86,000 votes.

To be fair, the design is...pretty good. I mean, is it Rembrandt? No. But it doesn't have to be. And I for one would be proud to wear this around town after casting my ballot.

It certainly feels marginally more inspired than the other entries:

The eagle is a good drawing but it's not original. "I Voted Today" wins points for its specificity—people will certainly be able to tell that you didn't vote, you know, tomorrow. The next two are largely uninspired, though it's still better than I myself could have done.

My second pick has to be the last one:

I'm sorry but that lady is just way too excited about voting. You get the idea that she may have voted three or four times while she was in that booth, it's hard to explain it otherwise. And of course there's a bizarre meta kind of surreality to wearing an "I Voted" sticker featuring a drawing of a woman holding a sign that says "I Voted." But honestly it's so screwy that it's great!

But you ultimately gotta go with the spider. It's got those fantastic late-90s Tomb Raider III final boss battle vibes:

Heck, I might travel to Ulster County in November and vote there myself! Wait, no, that would be illegal.

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