Apple will pay users up to $2,000,000 if they can find a way to hack its latest iPhone security feature
ยท Jul 9, 2022 ยท

If you're looking to make a cool $2,000,000 real easy, you could do worse than drop everything you're doing, learn how to become a hacker, and figure out how to hack one of the most famously airtight operating systems in human history:

Apple announced a new Lockdown Mode today which will be available in iOS 16, scheduled to launch later this year. Lockdown mode is intended for those who are high-value targets for hacking, and makes iPhone one of the most secure phones available.

To ensure it stays that way, Apple is offering up to $2,000,000 prizes for hackers who can find Lockdown Mode bypasses and break in.

Every hacking expert in the world right now:

For real though, the company is actually putting up two million smackers and ringing the frigging dinner bell for hackers the world over:

Apple will continue to strengthen Lockdown Mode and add new protections to it over time. To invite feedback and collaboration from the security research community, Apple has also established a new category within the Apple Security Bounty program to reward researchers who find Lockdown Mode bypasses and help improve its protections. Bounties are doubled for qualifying findings in Lockdown Mode, up to a maximum of $2,000,000 โ€” the highest maximum bounty payout in the industry.

We're all thinking the same thing...

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