A Pakistani woman died after an ex-security guard posed as a doctor and performed surgery on her
· · Jun 13, 2021 · NottheBee.com

How in the world does this happen???

I have so many questions. I have no clue what's going on in Pakistan, but I'm getting some serious "Scrubs" vibes.

But seriously, why was this security guard posing as a doctor?

Since he had been fired from the hospital TWO YEARS PRIOR, how was he able to get access to the building, let alone operating rooms???

Why did the 80-year-old victim (who had a wound on her back) not have anyone else involved in her medical care? Was there no nurse, assistant, or clerk who might have realized that this guy was committing some serious fraud?

Also, the security guard's name is "Muhammad Waheed Butt," or "Dr. Butt" while in character.

Dr. Butt also apparently had a "qualified technician" with him in the operating room who didn't realize this guy wasn't a doctor.

This was one administrator's weaksauce excuse:

"We can't keep up with what every doctor and what everyone is doing at all times. It's a large hospital."

That has to seriously be the worst response ever.

"Sorry we killed your grandma, but we can't make sure every surgeon isn't a crazy ex-employee with zero training and access to surgical theaters."

This was one of the largest hospitals in the nation's capital city, not some rural clinic.

"Pakistan's public hospitals, where patients are required to pay some money towards treatment, can often be inefficient and chaotic."

I'm pretty sure that just describes Pakistan in general.

This guy (who has been arrested, thankfully), has apparently been doing this for awhile.

"Butt had posed as a doctor and made home visits to other patients in the past also."

Just to make things even worse, this seems to be par for the course in the country. In May, a man was arrested at another hospital for posing as a doctor and in 2016, a young woman pretended to be a neurosurgeon for EIGHT MONTHS before she was caught.

Remind me to triple-check credentials if I ever need medical care in Pakistan!


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