A pregnant abortion activist took an abortion pill during a live on-air interview just in case you need to be reminded of the stakes of the pro-life movement these days
· Jan 29, 2022 · NottheBee.com

It is completely accurate to say that the abortion movement over the last few decades has become ever-more refined in its cruelties and its utter disregard for human life. You only need to compare the relative staidness of midcentury abortion activists with the unhinged zealotry of their counterparts today.

As evidence, we might cite the abortion activist who this month aborted her unborn child via pill on live television:

"Let It Rip" host Charlie Langton opened the discussion, asking abortion rights advocate Jex Blackmore about the Food and Drug Administration's decision in December to allow abortion pills to be prescribed via telehealth and shipped to patients in the mail.

After explaining how the mail-order system worked and arguing that the drugs are "incredibly safe," Blackmore held up a white pill. She explained it was the first of two that a person would take to terminate a pregnancy. "I want to show you how easy it is, and safe it is, by taking it myself," she said.

Blackmore then popped it into her mouth.

Appearing bewildered, Langton asked: "You're not pregnant, are you?"

"I would say that this is going to end a pregnancy," Blackmore replied. "This would be my third abortion."

She was indeed pregnant—was being the operative word because, presuming she was telling the truth about being pregnant, Ms. Blackmore is no longer so.

That is, after all, what abortion does: It "ends a pregnancy," which is to say it ends a human life—three times, in Ms. Blackmore's case.

The video follows; we are obliged to append a warning to it, as it is, quite obviously, footage of the taking of an innocent human life:

This is what the pro-life movement is up against—a full and unequivocal disdain for unborn human rights, to the point that a woman will bring about the death of her own child, on live television, with a smile on her face.

Don't stop praying, don't stop marching, don't give up. We still have a long way to go.

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