So here's a lady grocery shopping while wearing what can only be described as a plastic shed on wheels
· May 11, 2021 ·

Today's national update on health and wellbeing is brought to you by the "Rona Shed on Wheels," soon to be recommended by experts everywhere for your trips to Walmart!

I have to wonder how the tradeoff for being in this box is worth it. If I were a prankster or cold-hearted bloke, I would have such a fun time messing with slow-moving targets like this.

She's even masked and gloved INSIDE THE PLASTIC SHED! 🤣

The guy next to her appears to be videoing, so maybe this is a stunt. Or maybe it's for a public health advisory. Who knows?

The fact that you and I can't be sure, however, says volumes. And let's be honest ... we are not sure. This, for instance, is certainly real:

And so is this:

Gotta be honest -- not sure I wouldn't take the Rona Shed over the Rona Space Suit!

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