A trans activist baited and bullied the workers at a Sonic for using the title "Sir" while trying to do their jobs

Oct 6th

Before reading anything, what sex is this person?

If you immediately noticed a square jaw hiding an Adam's apple or a musculoskeletal frame heavily influenced by testosterone, then you are a shameless bigot who needs to be DESTROYED.

Transgender female activist Eden Torres claimed the "entire staff" at a Sonic Drive-In used the word "sir" during Torres' order — and the activist also complained of being "faced with discrimination" while at the fast-food restaurant, which apparently is in Houston.

Torres posted a pair of videos Saturday on Twitter that captured the activist's interaction with what apparently is a management-level employee — and Torres let him have it.

The transgender woman told the manager that "your entire staff has been calling me sir" and asked him, "tell me, what we can do now?"

Here are the videos if you can stomach watching a sick bully harass a guy who is respectfully trying to do his job.

Throughout the entire exchange, the manager tried to be polite, but was bullied and entrapped at every turn.

First, there's the fact that a worker referred to "Eden" as a "Sir" because of his actual, MALE name on his credit card. "Eden" even says that the worker "saw the name on my credit card."

If you're a restaurant worker and someone in a dark car with a man-face hands you a card that says "Bob" or "Larry," are you supposed to stop and make sure you're not guilty of a gender sin that would offend the Church of Woke?

Of course not. And that's the point. This guy is going out there looking for trouble.

Torres then told the manager to "tell me what your location has done to be trans-competent because clearly they are not."

The correct answer here is: "We reserve the right to refuse service to hostile customers who want to impose religious laws on our employees and patrons."

The manager didn't appear to understand that Torres was talking about gender identity as opposed to sexuality, as he seemed to tell Torres that there are "gay" workers at his restaurant — and that angered the activist.

"I'm not gay," Torres replied. "We're talking about my gender identity, not my sexuality."

Soon the activist asked the manager, "I would like you to promise me that you will stop treating trans people this way."

Do you see how the game works? Here's a normal dude, going about his normal dude life. This man, who likes to wear women's clothes, rolls up and starts filming over a minute triviality.

(Oh, you were misgendered? Please make sure to tell that to the billions of people living in poverty under oppressive regimes)

He then clobbers this manager for his lack of faith in wokeness, like a jihadi shaming infidels before cutting off their heads.

Torres is a bully and a predator.

Then, the manager finally asked, "What are you?", trying to make sure he was getting this new religious language right.

And Torres baited and then gutted him again for it.

Finally, the manager asked Torres, "What are you?" in reference to gender identity, and Torres replied, "Why does it matter?" — and soon after, "What would you assume looking at me?"

The manager replied, "I assume that you are a man." That's when the Torres ended the conversation and the recording.

You know what's the worst thing of all?

Sonic responded to the video, saying they were launching an investigation, which probably means this manager and other employees will lose their jobs.

If you want to watch Matt Walsh deliver a brutal beatdown using terms I myself would probably not (and you know you do), here ya go:

What a time to be alive!


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