This Ukrainian grandma claims she destroyed a Russian drone by nailing it with a jar of pickled tomatoes and if this is propaganda, it's good propaganda
· · Mar 10, 2022 ·

Look, if we're all being honest, you can't really know what to trust during wartime, right? I mean, we all know who the good guy is in the Russian-Ukraine conflict, no doubts there. We know who we want to win and who we want to lose.

But you don't really know whether to believe every single story that comes out, right? It's war. Propaganda is everywhere. It's just the way it is.

Still...we really, really want to believe this one, don't we?

A grandmother in Kyiv claimed to have taken out a drone by throwing a jar of pickles at it.

Rumors of such an exploit circulated online for days without reliable confirmation.

But Ukrainian news outlet Liga.Life reported that a woman got in touch saying the story is real, and described her own grandmother, who gave an interview to the outlet.

Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and point out that "a woman called into a news outlet and claimed her grandma was the jar-thrower" is not the most unimpeachable source on the planet.

[The alleged grandmother named] Elena told the outlet that she was sitting on her balcony smoking just before dawn when she heard a buzzing noise and saw something floating.

At first she thought it was a bird, but then she realised it was something else, she said.

The nearest heavy thing was a jar of pickles under her chair, per Elena's account.

Okay, that checks out: If you're in Eastern Europe, you're never more than an arm's length away from a heavy jar of pickles. They use those things for paperweights over there. Old-timers will use pickle jars as pillows and bedsheets.

Here, however, Elena wants to set the record straight:

Per Liga.Life, Elena was most concerned with correcting claims that the pickled vegetables were cucumbers. She said they were actually tomatoes with plums.

If true...this breaks the heart. Elena blew a perfectly delicious jar of pickled plums and tomatoes on some worthless old Zala Aero drone?

Elena, if you're real, and you threw that pickle jar, we salute you!

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