A university wants to “decolonize” language by not correcting spelling mistakes adn I thnk its a gud ideya!

Apr 14th

Looking for an excuse for your lazy and inept command of English? Just claim you're "decolonizing" the language!

Yep, you read that correctly. A British university is not going to mark students on spelling, allowing them to write however they dang want, ostensibly to accommodate poor students and immigrants. Someone should have told me this before I spent two years of my life teaching English to international students!

"At Hull University, a new policy says the requirement for a high level of proficiency in written English can be seen as 'homogenous, North European, white, male, and elite.'"

The university is telling professors not to impose "correct English" on students as part of the government's wider aim to "decolonize" curriculum and "reduce the gap between the proportion of white and black students gaining good degrees."

Taht shuldnt b cunfoosing, raiyt?

Assuming that standards must be lowered to accommodate people based on melanin levels is probably the most racist thing I can think of outside barring them from opportunities altogether.

"Inclusive assessment makes me want to weep," said Professor Alan Smithers of Buckingham University, apparently one of the only sane men left in England. "Exams are there to discriminate between those who can and those who cannot, including being able to say clearly what you mean. This approach won't do the students any favors in getting and keeping a job. Gaps will only be truly narrowed by supporting students more and teaching them to write well rather than ignoring mistakes."

Similarly, Professor Frank Furedi of Kent University warned that this might – just might – have some massively negative ramifications:

"Inclusive assessment is an instrument of social engineering that violates the norms of academic education. Lowering standards of assessment lowers expectation of what students should achieve. Worse, normalization of illiteracy flatters instead of educates students."

I expect both men to be cancelled immediately.

Spelling was standardized for a reason. Can you imagine how confusing everything would be – from handwritten notes to legal papers – if language has no accepted order or norm?

Nobody tell those poor spelling bee kids.

Why stop with spelling though? Isn't pronunciation racist too?? Shouldn't we decolonize all meaning entirely from everything?

The post-modern Marxists are hard at work trying to literally redo the Tower of Babel in their quest for world domination.

So... which part of the English language should we decolonize first?

  • Should we only use the words and syntax originally spoken by the Celts?
  • What about that of the Latin and Greek spoken by Roman invaders? The Old Germanic of the Anglo-Saxon invaders?
  • What about those Danes, or the removal of gender-neutral pronouns by those bigoted Vikings?
  • Certainly we can agree to get rid of the French introduced by those annoying Normans. French-root words like "beef" and "mutton" represent the oppressor, so make sure to tell people you're having a Germanic "cow" and "sheep" for dinner!
  • Should we go back to the way words were pronounced before the Black Death began the Great Vowel Shift?
  • What about those old white men like Shakespeare that introduced entirely new words to the lexicon?

Oh well. I'm shur tis wil leed to a behter wurld.

Wut a tiEm too bee aliev!


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