A violent crowd smashed windows at UC Davis because Charlie Kirk was there. The college’s chancellor and The Sacramento Bee added fuel to the fire by falsely saying Kirk called for lynching trans people.
· Mar 15, 2023 · NottheBee.com

The very peaceful aNti-fAciSts were at it again last night by getting violent to censor the speech of someone they don't like.

[Warning: Violence, Language]

The leftist goons were there to protest Charlie Kirk for believing conservative things held as objective truth by the majority of the human race for all of human history until 5 minutes ago.

The protest of the event was planned several weeks ago (language warning):

But instead of reporting on the violent protests that were planned to intimidate a baseline conservative who represents tens of millions of Americans, Hannah Holzer, an editor with The Sacramento Bee, falsely said Kirk was stumping for the "lynching of trans people."

She's adding fuel to the fire! Can you imagine if I wrote that some liberal was calling for violence, then a mob went and burned down the speaking venue? Do you think I (based extremist that I am) would escape the law? I'd have the FBI pointing guns at my kids and shooting my dogs before you could say "lickity-split!"

The Sacramento Bee even double down with its on-site reporting!!!

Here's the super-violent and extreme quote that led activists jOuRnaListS to say Kirk wanted to murder trans people in the streets:

To make matters even worse, UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May also spread the lie that Kirk calls for violence.


Thank you for sharing your distress at a student group hosting a speaker who is a well-documented proponent of misinformation and hate, and who has advocated for violence against transgender individuals.

That's the chancellor of the school!!

He's basically telling them that Kirk is a violent Nazi!


It's absolutely unreal.

Go show this to a normie. Turn this leftist rage and slander into a red pill for someone today!

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