A woman in Texas just gave birth to two babies from two different pregnancies she conceived a week apart
· · Jun 2, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I suppose, if a woman is going to go through the time and effort of being pregnant, she might as well double up and at least save an extra nine months:

This mom experienced a "miracle" after devastating miscarriages.

Cara Winhold, 30, suffered three devastating miscarriages but became pregnant with twins conceived just a week apart last March.

Her "miracle" pregnancy is a rare phenomenon known as superfetation, when a new pregnancy occurs during an initial pregnancy and can happen days or weeks after the first one.

The joy of getting two babies for the price of one was surely a relief after what Cara describes as a rough miscarriage:

"I was bleeding out, and they said if I would have stayed home for maybe 30 more minutes, I would have died," she said.

She had to have two blood transfusions and sought out therapy after the frightening experience.

"I was scared to get pregnant again. [But] I knew I wanted more kids," Cara said. "I'm very optimistic, and I was like, ‘It's going to happen,' and I knew it was part of my journey and life to be a mom, and so I knew I didn't want to give up but going to therapy made me learn how to heal and understand that it wasn't my fault. It took a lot of time."

And I'm sure having those two precious twins didn't hurt matters, either.

God is good!

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