Gavin Newsom's reparation report demands California keep black people from melting by planting trees for "SHADE EQUITY"
· Jun 2, 2022 ·

When you're a Marxist, any difference at all in the world is immediately evil.

And when you're a Melanin Marxist, any difference or disparity between people with various subjective shades of skin is immediately and irredeemably racist.

This is why the loony lefties in California are up in arms about a very serious issue: Less trees in black neighborhoods than white neighborhoods.

If you're a sane person, you probably know that tree coverage varies a lot by neighborhood, and that there's a bunch of reasons for that. A whopping 99.99999% have nothing to do with racism.

More likely, the residents of a neighborhood simply don't want to deal with the hassle of trimming, maintaining, and removing trees (having one cut down is like 3 grand, y'all, and that doesn't even count stump removal!).

But nope, the wise leaders of California know that RACISM is to blame!!

A report on alleged systemic racism released Wednesday and greenlit by Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling for the planting of trees statewide "to create shade equity" and reduce "heat islands in black neighborhoods."

The 500-page report was released after Newsom signed legislation in 2020 forming a nine-member task force to "inform Californians about slavery and explore ways the state might provide reparations." It describes tree demolishing in black neighborhoods for highway construction and says climate change makes these areas hotter.

Yes, believe it or not, taxpayers funded a 500-page report on this nonsense.

Some of it is rooted in reality. Black neighborhoods do tend to be lower income and higher in crime (not a good thing!), and residents in areas with higher crime tend to either not care about the upkeep of their community foliage or don't want to draw attention to their home or business through the upkeep of foliage. When city planners think about where to put highways and parking lots, they often do so in areas where land is cheap and wealthier folks won't put up a stink. That disparity is true everywhere on the planet.

But Marxists say that can be solved through government and that anything, even a difference in tree coverage, is because of sYsTeMiC rACiSm rather than fatherlessness, welfare, gang culture, and a host of other issues that have nothing to do with historic racist laws, chattel slavery, or current racist actors.

Case in point: The report argues that black neighborhoods were targeted for destruction by those racist highway architects and their nefarious neo-Nazi schemes.

The report is billed as the first of its kind by a state government to examine slavery and "the compounding harms that the United States and Californian governments have inflicted upon African Americans," according to a press release. The California Reparations Task Force issued the document to the state's legislature, and a final report will then be issued prior to July 2023.

So yeah, the way California wants to help black people is to apparently keep the Sun Monster from melting them.

Gavin Newsom helping a poor black man melted by climate change

The budget for these equity departments is insane. Think about all the money in play here for a program that will do pretty much nothing about total ambient heat.

While the report accurately notes that cities are indeed hotter due to "heat islands," it uses this fact to claim that black people are disproportionately impacted by heat, former Republican aide Marc Morano, who runs the website Climate Depot, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

"Adding tree cover to cities will most likely have a negligible impact on the urban heat of the cities," said Morano. "These solutions appear to be nothing more than just ‘virtue signally' racial grievance claims. These types of reports are generated to justify bureaucratic jobs and massive bloated budgets for ‘equity' programs."

Imagine what California could do if it did something that would actually benefit black communities!!

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