This Canadian activist glued herself to the road to stop people from using fossil fuels... or something ๐Ÿ™„
ยท Oct 27, 2021 ยท
Extinction Rebellion Vancouver / Facebook

A climate activist in Vancouver who is part of the infamous group Extinction Rebellion has gone so far as to literally glue herself to a road.

This group is really going for it with their full-blown plan to take down the establishment and save the planet during its "October Rebellion," which sounds promising but has done nothing but get 33 of them arrested (so far).

When one of their members named Tara glued herself to the road, they couldn't have been more proud and ecstatic!

Extinction Rebellion Vancouver boasts about the fact that their members have been getting arrested all month โ€“ yeah, really sticking it to the man!

"Western imperialism perpetuates harm by supporting fossil fuel subsidies and ignoring climate research," Tara said in an Extinction Rebellion Vancouver news release.

Tara was the 15th activist in the group to have been arrested during their October environmental purge.

Her arrest leaves me with just a couple of questions...

  1. She glued her pants to the road, so how did the officers arrest her? Was she arrested wearing only her underwear?
  2. (It's rather cold in Canada already.) ๐Ÿฅถ
  3. Where are her pants now? ๐Ÿค”

Their "October Rebellion" has had little-to-no-impact and it's already almost November. Even as a Canadian, I have never heard of it until this ridiculous stunt (which got my attention because it is hilarious).

And looking more into this super cool "October Rebellion" I can't stop laughing.

Apparently, they have been in the process of SHUTTING DOWN CANADA.

This is news to me...

"We are rising up from coast to coast to DEMAND an END TO ALL FOSSIL FUEL SUBSIDIES. FOREVER!

This is the first step we must take to secure a livable future for this and future generations.

From 16-29 October, Extinction Rebellion Groups across 'Canada' will rebel against the vacuous political culture that promises climate action and delivers destruction and lies," the Facebook event page stated.

Yeah... that's how you get a real revolution started, creating a Facebook event.

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