Activists in D.C. found aborted babies that may have been killed in violation of federal law (the photos are the worst thing I've ever seen) but the city's medical examiner is refusing to autopsy the bodies to find out
· · Apr 5, 2022 ·

The first rule of pro-abortion politics: If irrefutable and stomach-churning evidence of the butchery of abortion shows up, pretend like it doesn't exist:

The Washington, D.C., medical examiner said that it will not be performing autopsies on bodies of aborted babies that were turned into police last week...

"One of the worst injustices would be if the medical examiner and D.C. government dispose or incinerate the bodies of these children before a full autopsy could be completed," Live Action's director of government affairs Noah Brandt told The Daily Wire on Monday.

"The abortionists do not want autopsies performed because they may indicate violations of federal law," he said. "D.C. must preserve these remains until a full, fair, and thorough investigation can be completed."

Of note:

D.C. police have not only said that the babies were aborted legally but also indicated that the only criminal part of the incident is how the aborted baby bodies were in Handy's house.

It's... pretty weird that authorities are refusing to perform autopsies while apparently being rock-solid certain that the human beings in question were "aborted legally." Isn't that weird?

There are horrible photos of these babies that were found, by the way. I mean absolutely horrible, scar-you-for-life photos. Live Action first reported them. I am sharing the link because, like other moral atrocities, the memory of what horrors have been done should not be sanitized.

With that in mind, everything following this initial tweet is stomach-wrenching. THIS is what our officials are going to sweep under the rug.

But there is at least some hope:

Though officials said that they do not plan to perform autopsies on the babies, The Washington Post reported, two D.C. officials told the publication that this decision could "change if they receive additional information."

Hmm. I don't know what information you need beyond "it looks like these babies were grotesquely murdered in violation of federal law and the infinitely more important law of a holy and eternal God who will see justice done."

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