After comic-book readers rejected bi-Superman, DC tried again with a gay Green Lantern. The results were the same.
· Nov 16, 2023 ·

We talk a lot about how woke Disney-owned Marvel is, but it's biggest competitor DC isn't learning any lessons from Marvel's failures. In fact, they seem to be going all out to go out of business first.

The bi-sexual Superman comic they launched lasted all of one year.

Then there were the shameless diversity covers that essentially equated Hispanic people with food.

Remarkably, Dr. Jill Biden's breakfast tacos didn't make the cut. Sorry, San Antonio!

And now, DC is trying again by introducing a new gay-Green Lantern title called Green Lantern: Alan Scott.

And if turning another superhero into a flaming homosexual isn't enough, they're trying another tactic and adding "God-endorsed" sodomy to the plotline.

(I blurred the near-nudity here)

"Hey — if God himself didn't want me to love you then how could I?"

You might be surprised to learn that sales of the new book were abysmal.

The writer, Tim Sheridan, took to social media to call all the fans that refused to buy his soft-core gay fantasy books "haters" and "queerphobes" and begged people to buy them.

"The only way we can shut these people down is to make this book an undeniable success," he continued. "The only way to prove to the big publishers that there's a huge market for authentic stories about LGBTQIA+ characters and these stories are for everyone is to buy the heck out of books like this."

Yeah, no one showed up.

Much like the other panderverse DC storylines, the title is tanking.

The Comicbook Hub system that tracks sales across random stores did not register the book on its charts … at all.

Sales were all but non-existent.

But DC isn't ready to throw in the towel and just give up because of the failure of one diversity book … or even several diversity books (and television shows ... and movies).

They also have a several-million dollar streaming series starring the gay Green Lantern in production!

No one is ever going to be okay with you gaying up comic books.

Just stay down, DC.

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