Is the World Economic Forum really brainstorming ways to make us allergic to meat? Sure seems like it.
ยท Nov 16, 2023 ยท

Bro, I'm a level-10 conspiracy theorist so I'm gonna just leave this video right here because it's freaking me out. This is Matthew Liao, an "agenda contributor" at the World Economic Forum, and here he is talking about genetically engineering a human intolerance to beef in order to save the planet.

I'm not joking.

Possibly we can use human engineering to make it the case that we're intolerant to certain kinds of meat โ€” to certain kinds of bovine proteins. And there's actually analogs of this in life; there's this thing called the Lonestar Tick where if it bites you you will become allergic to meat ... so that's something that we can do through human engineering, we can possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.

Dude, we live in a sci-fi novel. They actually want us to become allergic to meat so we can "defeat global warming."

(Here's info on that tick that's spreading across the US)

This is too crazy for me, I gotta go.

I'll leave this for you:

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