After years of peddling Covid fear, the media is starting to admit fentanyl is actually the leading cause of death for those between 18 and 45
ยท Aug 19, 2022 ยท

You know, it's impressive really.

It only took two whole years of attempting to lock people down and ruin the lives of people who were in very low danger of Covid to realize that there's a real epidemic killing 18- to 45-year-olds that no one is doing anything about.

CBS News is reporting that the leading cause of death in this age group isn't Covid (and it never has been).

It's not heart disease. It's not car accidents.

More young people are being killed by fentanyl-fueled overdoses than any other cause.

In the past year there have been over 107,000 overdose fatalities in this country and the synthetic drug fentanyl is responsible for over 70% of those deadly overdoses. It is the leading cause of death for people 18-45-years-old.

Fentanyl is streaming across the southern border. The government does nothing to shut the border down.

Instead of cracking down on the drugs, cities are telling druggies to keep shooting up, but watch out for fentanyl.

Meanwhile, people this age were driven to alcohol and drugs after being locked in their homes and told to fear a disease that likely wouldn't hurt them for multiple years. Suicides jumped drastically and anxiety and depression went off the charts. Alcohol, heroine, meth, cocaine, and fentanyl use has continued to climb.

I wonder what deaths we might have stopped if the media wasn't a circus filled with clowns.

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