After virtue signaling to no end, Lululemon has still been devoured by the Woke Monster

Jul 9th

Lululemon did all the right things.

They launched a "Strength to Be" campaign that featured men discussing their own idea of masculinity, including gay boxer Orlando Cruz.

They pandered to the LGBT movement at stores across America.

They released an "Impact Agenda" that focused on climate change, focusing on the goal of having all their clothes be made with 100% green energy.

The company focused tirelessly on "equity" over the past few years, not only in salary between men and women, but along racial lines as well.

"We share our Impact strategy against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, a global climate crisis, and systemic inequities in our society," said CEO Calvin McDonald. "Our Impact Agenda is more than a set of commitments. It's a holistic approach that reflects who we are, guided by our purpose to elevate the world by realizing the full potential within every one of us."

They also pronounced "Black Lives Matter" proudly and boldly on their homepage.

Alas, Lululemon has now been eaten by the very Woke Monster it sought to appease:

Yes, in our modern world, it's very important that an apparel company known for yoga pants has a statement on a police incident, racism, and the ethical foundations of America.

Like many companies, they were "scrambling" to come up with a social position instead of, I don't know, making a lot of money selling quality clothes.

Basically, what happened was that a diverse team of corporate leaders thought about what message they should put on their homepage. One director said "Black Lives Matter" wasn't the right way to go, and argued that "All Lives Matter" was a better message.

This was the same conversation going on around the country at the time. Still, one employee felt "triggered" by the very fact that someone might disagree with a phrase coined by a neo-Marxist group bent on divisive and destructive ends.

A former employee then wrote a letter DEMANDING that the director be FIRED.

The director ultimately ended up leaving the company, cancelled for having a non-woke perspective.

Again, this is a company that makes yoga pants.

In another example that proves Lululemon is now Literally Hitler, a senior employee had a T-shirt mocking China for unleashing the 'Rona on us all.

Instead of hiring qualified candidates, Business Insider and the employees it interviewed for this obvious hit piece want the company to put more intersectional warm bodies in leadership positions.

Everyone knows the best way to make sure your company succeeds is to hire people based on their skin tone and sexual identity!

Instead of sticking to making clothes and telling to woke to shove it where the sun don't shine, the company will likely grovel to no end in order to appease its new masters.

I mean, sure, it'll alienate millions of potential customers, but perhaps the Woke Monster will spare them for another day.


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