Not Good: After Years-Long Battle In The James Young Case, A Texas Court Has Given Full Parental Rights To Mother Who Encourages Young Son To "Transition Gender"
· Aug 9, 2021 ·

A real tragedy has occurred in Texas as a judge has granted full parental rights to Anne Georgulas, the mother of 8-year-old James Younger who has, according to the boy's father, encouraged the young boy to "identify" as a girl from a very early age.

National Review has reported that the court sided with the mother, the stated reason having to do with the father's missing some child support and medical payments. Jeff Younger, the father, disputes that this is the case, claiming the court was just slow in disbursing the payments.

While that is obviously not a good thing, to miss important payments, I think that it's probably a worse thing to STRONGLY PUSH YOUR BOY TO THINK HE'S A GIRL AND HIDE THAT FACT FROM THE BOY'S FATHER WHILE ENCOURAGING THE CHILD TO PURSUE GENDER TRANSITION.

That seems slightly more egregious in my judgment.

The details of the ruling are almost all bad news.

Judge Mary Brown granted full custody to Anne Georgulas in an order on Tuesday, awarding the mother exclusive control over James's primary residence, counseling, medications, education and extracurricular activities. It allows Georgulas to withhold information from Jeff Younger, James's father, "regarding the children's extracurricular activities, school functions, school enrollment, counseling, and medical care."

However, while Georgulas has the exclusive right to consent to James's medical procedures, the order notes that that power does not extend to hormone-suppression therapy, puberty blockers, or transgender reassignment surgery.

So, while there's a small silver lining that hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and reassignment surgery are not under the mother's powers, she still has full influence over the child. Presumably, she will continue to encourage gender confusion, send the child to "affirming" counselors, and dress the boy as a girl. And the father, when he does see James he will have to do so under state observation.

There is simply no way the father can undo the mother's damaging treatment of the child in one supervised Friday a week.

"When the child is brought to [the counselors], the child comes from the mother's custody and is always dressed up as a little girl. Dad only has possession on Fridays, and neither of the two professionals have office hours on Fridays. And so he thinks, and I would agree with him, that it's really quite unfair that the presentation of the child to the counseling system is only done under the auspices and control of one parent," Hanschen explained.

The James Younger tragedy has been playing out publicly for years, and it's sad to see another defeat for sanity and reality at the hands of the court.

* * *

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