Alaskan man successfully fended off grizzly bear for DAYS, without sleeping, until Coast Guard rescued him
· Jul 24, 2021 ·

DiCaprio fought a CGI bear, but this man did it for real.

A man "in his late 50s or early 60s" fended off a grizzly bear for days after he was originally attacked by the bear at a mining camp "in the middle of nowhere" (as the Coast Guard described it). The man had no way of calling for help via phone.

"At some point, a bear had dragged him down to the river," said Lt. Cmdr. Jared Carbajal of the Coast Guard. "He had a pistol. He said that the bear kept coming back every night and he hadn't slept in a few days."

Carbajal and his co-pilot, Lt. A.J. Hammac had changed their course by a mile to avoid clouds. That's when Hammac said he saw the man waving both hands in the air.

"He said, ‘Hey there's a guy down there and he's waving at us,'" Carbajal said. "I said, ‘Is he waving with one hand or two hands?' ... [Two hands is] usually a sign of distress.'"

The man had also somehow written "SOS" and "help me" on the tin roof of a shack. They also found that the door of the shack had been ripped off.

"We don't really come across people in the middle of nowhere," Hammac said. "He was kind of struggling. When we came around, he was on his hands and knees waving a white flag."

Carbajal said the man insisted on walking himself to the ambulance (like a boss).

"You could tell he was starting to come off of the adrenaline, I think, and started to realize what happened," he said. "He did not want to get in the gurney."

The Coast Guard said this incident serves as a reminder to carry an "emergency beacon or satellite phone or texting device."

"If we would have been in the next river valley over we would have totally missed him," Carbajal said.

Between 2000 and 2017 in Alaska, 68 people were hospitalized with injuries from 66 bear attacks, and 10 people died from bear attacks, according to a 2019 report by Alaskan health officials.


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