Alberta now recommends Covid boosters every THREE MONTHS, working out to "320 doses for the average lifespan"
ยท Apr 16, 2024 ยท

You know how the Covid vaccine is so effective at stopping the disease that you have to get 20 shots for it to work?

Well, in Alberta, that's child's play. The newest guidance in the Canadian province is for Albertans to get a new mRNA booster quarterly. Once every three months. Every year. For the rest of your life.

That's what I call safe and effective!

As of Monday, Alberta Health Services (AHS) has updated its guidance on mRNA COVID-19 booster shots to every three months, beginning with six-month-old babies.

That works out to about 320 doses for the average lifespan.

You're supposed to take your baby to the doc FOUR TIMES A YEAR to get a new Covid booster.

Thank goodness this insane vax schedule doesn't appear to be mandated. But if you're one of the "trust the experts" Canadians you'll be in to get your shot every three months.

According to Alberta health officials, "All vaccines are safe, effective and save lives," and it doesn't matter if a patient takes a COVID-19 booster before, after, or at the same time as a flu shot.

That goes for babies as young as six months old...

These booster shots "are anticipated to provide a good immune response against currently circulating strains," says AHS.

"Currently, there are no authorized COVID-19 vaccines for children younger than 6 months of age."

New strains? What new strains?

And why are we vaccinating babies? Serious complications or death in infants from Covid is astonishingly rare.

These recommendations are especially for "at-risk" people, especially the elderly, but at-risk also includes preferred racial minorities (non-whites) because of course.

AHS specifically recommends the extra booster to seniors, adults living among seniors, health care workers and people with underlying medical conditions or autoimmune issues โ€” but it doesn't end there.

Alberta health officials also name First Nations people, "members of racialized and other equity-denied communities," and pregnant women as special groups that should get the vaccine.

It's 2024. Some people aren't coming back from the Covid cult.

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