This is so beautiful: Libs are freaking out because of what GOP Rep. Gohmert said on the House floor ... But he was quoting Nancy Pelosi verbatim 😂💀

Jan 14th

This is gonna make your day.

Here's what Rep. Gohmert said on the House floor:

He was quoting Nancy Pelosi to show she's a hypocrite.

You read the headline so you know what happened next ...

"ArReSt GoHmErT nOw" 🤣

There are an endless supply of these balloonheaded leftist freakouts on Twitter but I have to stop now because my hands are tired.

To show you how thick the iron bubble is in which these people reside -- all these tweets are still up as I type this, 24 hours later.

This is just ... it's just so beautiful.


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