ESPN got WRECKED for saying Coco Gauff "took a moment to soak" in her Grand Slam win when she was clearly praying. Check out the comments.
· Sep 11, 2023 ·

On Saturday, American tennis player Coco Gauff made her entrance into Tennis history by winning her first Grand Slam title. SportsCenter from ESPN shared her win with this post:

Gauff is an outspoken Christian. ESPN knows this.

Even if they didn't, anyone from any time in human history until five minutes ago would look at this video and say, "She's thanking God."

But woke ESPN has to pretend God doesn't exist!

Anything to avoid saying the "p" word. So she's "soaking it all in" instead.

I mean, the national anthem wasn't playing, so what in the world could an athlete be kneeling for? It makes no sense!

People ALL OVER Twitter corrected ESPN:

Then there's the jokes:

Keep giving The Babylon Bee good joke material, ESPN! Reality is so crazy that they need it these days!

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