American journalists are asking Ukrainian soldiers to cover up their Nazi insignia because it might undermine the war against Putin
· Jun 6, 2023 ·

The same journalists who would gladly call you a Nazi because you once voted for Donald Trump are here to explain how Ukrainians with Swastikas on their helmets and other Nazi insignia aren't really Nazis.

Sure, Trump was a Nazi because he used an eagle, you know the symbol of American freedom, on one of his promotional materials. But Ukrainians with swastikas are just cool dudes.

Yes, The New York Times is finally getting around to addressing why some of the Ukrainian troops are, quite obviously, pro-Nazi.

But they do it in such a way that it's still okay to support them.

From Zerohedge:

The surprising Monday Times headline said that "Nazi Symbols on Ukraine's Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History." This acknowledgement comes after literally years of primarily indy journalists and geopolitical commentators pointing out that yes indeed... Ukraine's military and paramilitary groups, especially those operating in the east since at least 2014, have a serious Nazi ideology problem. This has been exhaustively documented, again, going back years. But the report, which merely tries to downplay it as a "thorny issue" of Ukraine's "unique" "History" - suggests that the real problem for Western PR is fundamentally that it's being displayed so openly. Ukrainian troops are being asked to cover those Nazi symbols please!--as Matt Taibbi sarcastically quipped in commenting on the report.

It's not Nazism that's the problem, says the NYT. It's the fact that we can see the symbols and it's so prevalent that news outlets can't help but show it that's the problem.

Some journalists, in order to continue to favorably cover Ukraine, asked soldiers and officers to remove the Nazi patches for photos.

"In November, during a meeting with Times reporters near the front line, a Ukrainian press officer wore a Totenkopf variation made by a company called R3ICH (pronounced "Reich"). He said he did not believe the patch was affiliated with the Nazis. A second press officer present said other journalists had asked soldiers to remove the patch before taking photographs."

There's a second sign, guys:

They have so forced this narrative that Ukraine is perfect and Russia is evil that journalists will work overtime to cover Ukrainian sins.

Democrats and journalists don't have foreign adversaries, they only have foreign actors who remind them of their domestic enemies. Putin is Trump in their eyes, so they don't care what they have to do to justify the war.

That's why Americans who support Trump are Nazis but Ukrainians who support literal Nazism are just misunderstood.

Journalists are the absolute worst.

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