Americans rate race relations at 20-year low and I wonder why that could possibly be 🤔

Jul 21st

A whopping 57% of Americans say race relations are "somewhat" or "very" bad in a new Gallup poll, while only 42% say they are "somewhat" or "very" good.

The difference is more pronounced between racial groups:

Before 2016, majorities of both racial groups rated relations between the two groups positively. Over the last two decades, whites have been more likely to rate race relations positively, but the difference in the two groups' views is particularly stark this year. Only 33% of black Americans view relations with white Americans positively, while 43% of white Americans view relations positively. However, the gap is still smaller than in 2018, which saw a 14-point gap between the groups.

What's driving this negativity? Is it that there's actual systemic racism that's obliterating black Americans across the country?

The optimism displayed by Americans wouldn't seem to suggest so:

A 57% majority of U.S. adults say "a solution to the problem of Black-White relations will eventually be worked out and race relations will not always be a problem," Gallup said, while 40% "disagree and say it will always be a problem."

Could it be that people are being fed a poisonous lie by politicians, elites, and the media that demands they hate their neighbor based on the color of their skin?

Could that explain why 22% of "very liberal" Americans believe more than TEN THOUSAND unarmed black men are being killed by police each year when it's actually between 10 and 20?

So are racial groups really at odds with each other in America, or are we just being told that we are enemies by balloonhead elites who want to sow division to gain power?

I'll leave you with a few headlines to decide.

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