An Elementary School In Georgia Is Segregating Kids In School Based On Race. Today. In 2021.
· Aug 11, 2021 ·

Soooo, apparently, racism and segregation are back in full force in the deep south. But this time, in Atlanta, it's the woke who are instituting the racist policy, so it's totally cool.

Watch this Atlanta news story about a woman who discovered what was happening in her child's school and has now filed a complaint with the US Department of Education to force the school to desegregate their classrooms.




So, Kila Posey, a mother and VP of Operations for the PTA discovered that the school was segregating children exclusively by race when she contacted the principal to ask for her child to be put with a different teacher and the principal said, "That's not one of the black classes."

It turns out this policy was instituted by the principal of this school, a black woman because she thought it would be best for all students.

Isn't it funny that if a black woman makes this decision, it's barely a story outside of the local area, but it would be guaranteed national headlines if a white person suggested segregation? Almost like there's some sort of hypocrisy happening or something.

According to the news report, there are 2 black classes and 6 white classes at the school. Straight-up racism and discrimination. Cut and dry. Except that bLaCk PeOpLe CaN't Be RaCiSt, of course.

The school and its administrators, as well as all the teachers who went along with this LITERAL SYSTEMIC RACISM, should all be worried about what's coming next. They should all be ashamed for participating in this nonsense.

According to Shields [Posey's attorney], "Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 says that you cannot treat one group of people differently based upon race, and that is what is going on at Mary Lin."

Posey pushed for her daughter not to be placed in a segregated classroom. "I explained to her she shouldn't be isolated or punished because I'm unwilling to go along with your illegal and unethical practice," Posey said.

In a recorded phone call between Posey and an assistant principal, the administrator confirmed that it was the principal's idea to separate the students.

"I just wish we had more Black kids, and then some of them are in a class because of the services that they need," the administrator said.

So, we have on tape the Assistant principal admitting to the segregation and making excuses for it. And then we have Posey's child who, if moved to a "white class" as requested would be seen as being isolated or punished.

It's truly disgusting the way this principal and elementary school are teaching kids to live in a racialized manner.

Hopefully, the investigation will result in the harshest possible actions against the school and everyone involved in this scandal.

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