Ex-employee says TikTok spies on users, including logging what LGBT content they watch
· May 9, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Surprise everyone! The Chinese spyware app TikTok is spying on everybody who's using it!

Okay, if you've been paying any attention at all, you already knew this. But the details of the information TikTok is collecting is really quite ominous.

TikTok maintained a list of users who watched lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender content, which was accessible to the company's employees for at least a year, former employees told the Wall Street Journal.

So TikTok has a master list of users who watch LGBT content on TikTok.

(Hmm, maybe the idea that China is using the app to spy on Americans AND turn the kids into sexual revolutionaries isn't so crazy after all.)

TikTok has a powerful algorithm. Whatever you linger on, it will show you more of that kind of content. Apparently, if you frequently linger on LGBT propaganda, they keep you on a list.

What could this list be used for? Surely, since they know who's watching, it could be used as blackmail.

This ex-employee also said TikTok used an account a UK reporter made for her cat in order to spy on her.

That's not creepy at all.

The Financial Times' Cristina Criddle detailed her experience in discovering the spying in an article on Friday, saying she learned of the snooping in December from a TikTok public relations worker.

Ms. Criddle wrote that TikTok snooped on her via an account she created for her cat, Buffy, which she developed to test TikTok's features.

"Though I was unaware of it, at the same time TikTok was pushing back on reports of a toxic workplace, several employees had decided to surveil my phone, tracking my location in hopes of finding my sources," Ms. Criddle wrote.

Hey, you!

Yeah, you!

Delete TikTok.

It's a Chinese spy app and it's incredibly dangerous in multiple ways.

Why we don't ban the app is beyond me.

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