An Indonesian fisherman caught a baby shark with a human-like face and now I really can't ever listen to that song again

Feb 24th

Okay, this has got to be about the strangest thing I've seen this year.

A fisherman off the coast of Indonesia accidentally caught an adult shark in his trawler net. The fisherman, Abdullah Nuren, decided out of curiosity to cut open the (female) shark's stomach to see what was inside. What he found was three pups.

Two looked normal.

The third looked like this:

Nuren says his home "has been crowded with people who want to see the shark," and some of his neighbors have even offered to buy it. The shark is not for sale, however. Nuren plans to preserve it, and keep it as a good luck charm.

If looking at that demon spawn hasn't already ruined your day, here's this:


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