An LA school is segregating families by race for Woke "dialogue sessions." What's next, busing, drinking fountains, and bathrooms?

Jan 29th

An elite private school in Los Angeles is cranking up the racism dial by segregating black, white, Latino, and Asian families in "dialogue sessions" held by the school.

When I say elite, I mean elite. Brentwood School costs $38,000 to attend each year.

The Woke administration and faculty of the school, however, feel it's their job (as largely rich white people) to end racism by separating everyone based on ethnicity and using Marxist ideology to pit racial groups against each other. Remember, white Woke people can use Critical Race Theory to make racism all about themselves:

And then subsequently speak on behalf of other ethnicities because of their Woke status:

Here's what Brentwood School is doing, as reported by The College Fix:

"It's not just separating the races from each other at the same 'Dialogue & Community-Building Sessions,' part of its yearlong initiative on diversity, equity and inclusion that started last month.

Brentwood is hosting completely different virtual meetings by race and ethnicity over the next two months.

They start later today with six meetings for faculty, staff and 'parents & families.' Whites and blacks have their own meeting in each cohort. Parents and families for 'Hispanic & Latinx' (woke whitespeak for Latino) and "Asian & Asian American" follow on Wednesday.

Hispanic and Latinx faculty and staff and 'Multicultural & Multiracial Parents & Families' meet Feb. 8. The most marginalized group in the school appears to be Jews, since Jewish parents, families, faculty and staff are all relegated to the same meeting, also that day.

Faculty and staff, alumni and trustees 'of color' – those who don't fit the nonwhite racial and ethnic categories – each have their own meetings as well."

Here's a few screenshots visualizing the segregation:

And here's a likely visualization of Brentwood's new restroom facilities in 2023:

If you're wondering what term we have in the English language for dividing people up into groups based on arbitrary categories of skin color and generic ethnic features, it begins with "Race" and ends with "-ist."

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