Music break! Check out this viral song slamming lockdowns and vax mandates before our YouTube overlords remove it.

Jan 9th

Christian Canadian artist Matt Brevner released his anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine mandate single "More of Us" on January 4th– just one day before the province of Ontario went back into lockdown.

Oops, sorry, they don't want anyone calling this a "lockdown" but rather a "Temporarily Moving to Modified Step Two of the Roadmap to Reopen."

"More of Us" is now trending on one of the most censorious platforms known to man kind, YouTube.

Politics and culture move directly with one another and this may be proof that the tides are turning.

This anti-lockdown anthem is currently trending as #20 on YouTube Music, which has Matt Brevner sharing the list with YUGE names like The Weeknd and DisneyMusic.

Not too shabby!

Check it out before it gets removed:

"They say it isn't mandatory, but they also say 'your jab, or your job'

But if it doesn't stop the spread, it makes it feel like this is just a facade


'Cuz even if you're triple vaccinated, know that segregation isn't the way

Freedom is a choice, and its available to all if we chose"

Parts of the world are currently locked down, while political leaders vilify the unvaccinated– including Matt Brevner's PM, Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau has blamed the pandemic on the unvaccinated and has gone as far as labeling them as racist, misogynist extremists.

In the music video, Brevner shows beautiful images of freedom rallies all around the world.

Images they won't show you in the mainstream media.

"More of Us" is inspiring and full of hope– a reminder that there is way more of us, regular folk, than those in power calling the shots.

Our freedom is in our hands. We just need to choose to be free!

I hope you enjoy this freedom anthem as much as Zuby and I do.


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