AOC and Elizabeth Warren are out here calling for the government to set up abortion "tents" in national parks and federal lands
· Jun 28, 2022 ·

The libs are BIG mad that states are deciding that unborn children are now protected from abortion mills like Planned Parenthood.

It is SO important that The Left continue performing their sacrifices to Moloch and they are coming up with some admittedly clever, yet insane, plans to allow people in red states to kill their children.

The new talking point is for the United States Federal Government to set up mobile abortion centers in federal lands, like national parks, in red states.

Here's AOC ranting about her "baby step" plan to get abortion back in life states:

Open abortion clinics on federal land in red states right now! Right now! Right now!

There's nothing like going to a National Park or historic monument to see mountains, trees, canyons, and open-air tents where you can see doctors murdering babies.

Elizabeth Warren wants the same thing.

Yes, the federal government needs to set up abortion tents on federal land in states where it's illegal to perform an abortion.

Just one small thing these Dems seem to have forgotten.

The Hyde Amendment is in place and it prevents federal funds from being used to pay for abortion.

It's amazing: From "safe" and "rare" to "mobile abortion camps in the remote wilderness"!

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