AOC is all but launching her anti-Constitution presidential campaign
· Jul 6, 2022 ·

In preparing what will likely be a presidential run in 2024 (yes, I'm serious), loquacious Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been all sorts of emotional since the Supreme Court issued their Roe-killing decision in Dobbs v. Jackson that returned the authority of making abortion law to the people.

When she hasn't been out getting her nails done as an act of defiance (yes, I'm serious again):

…AOC has been opining frequently on the nature of the court and what she sees as its recent misbehavior. And what better place to offer up your constitutional law credentials than The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

Given that she will soon be a candidate for the highest office in the land, let's just make sure we all understand what she's saying here:

  1. The Supreme Court heard arguments over abortion law that was being challenged in Mississippi.
  2. They considered it in light of the seminal Roe v Wade case.
  3. The Court applied the Constitution to the case and found the Roe v Wade precedent was improperly decided.
  4. In its ruling, the Court overturned Roe's unconstitutional power grab that had usurped the people's authority and had given it to the federal courts.
  5. Now after Dobbs, people have the ability, in their states, to create abortion law.
  6. The Court is thus authoritarian, having "overreached its authority."

Again, notice that AOC is not saying the Roe court overreached its authority by taking a power from people and wielding it themselves. She's saying the Dobbs court (our current court) overreached its power by limiting its power and returning authority to the people in their respective states.

It gets worse. The attention-seeking lawmaker from the Bronx is now convinced we are in the midst of a "judicial coup."

Everything is a coup when the left doesn't win. And that's just it – though this probably seems like a takedown of AOC, it's much larger than her. Even if she is like a heat-seeking sidewinder whenever a camera or microphone is near, the problem involves much of the progressive left. Her fellow "squad" member, Rep. Rashida Tlaib is out demonstrating her own grasp of the mechanics of American government:

This – and I feel rather silly having to say this – is precisely how it is supposed to work. The "regulative state" is not constitutional. Voters have no authority or ability to recall or replace bad regulators in the bureaucracy. That's precisely why the Constitution explicitly grants lawmaking power to the one branch that is directly controlled by the people. That just so happens to be the part of the federal government that employs Ms. Cortez and Ms. Tlaib.

So, the unelected branch of government sends an issue to the elected branch of government – the one that has its oversight in the form of elections by the American people. The Court essentially says, "Since you can't vote for bureaucrats, they should not have the power to make laws that you are forced to follow." Progressives like Tlaib call that, "fascism."

The real frustration for so many of these progressives is that they either don't know, or don't care about the proper functioning of American government. Laws were never intended to be made by courts. For years, conservatives warned the left that ruling by judicial fiat was an unconstitutional, and yes undemocratic, way to govern. We warned that there would come a day when the courts would have a new composition that recognized the overreach and set things right.

That day is now here, the left is beside themselves, and their unhinged reactions are quite revealing. If you are truly looking for the budding fascists and tyrants among us, look for the ones lamenting the end of judicial tyranny for starters.

And then don't let them get anywhere near the presidency.

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