AP "Fact-Checks" Claim That Biden Eulogized a KKK Grand Wizard ... Because He Actually Eulogized a KKK Exalted Cyclops

Oct 30th

Mainstream media "Fact-Checkers" are out in full force running cover for Joe Biden in the days leading up to the election, and the Associated Press may have outdone itself in this particular fact-check.

If you just looked at the headline, which is what the AP is counting on, you'd think the entire story is completely fabricated. In fact, the entire story is true except for the issue of the exact title of the former KKK member.

Biden eulogized Senator Robert "KKK" Byrd, as Rush Limbaugh called him, after the senator's death in 2010. Byrd was known to be a former member of the Ku Klux Klan before becoming a US Senator. More than a normal member, Byrd was Exalted Cyclops, meaning he was the highest-ranking officer in his local Klan.

See? Completely different. What a ridiculous claim.

But this incident of eulogizing the former Exalted Cyclops happened an entire... 10 years ago. I can't imagine someone being canceled for saying nice words about a close friend as far back as a decade. Our culture is so forgiving.

But in order to be fair, maybe Biden should be asked whether or not he condemns White Supremacy in every single interview, press conference, town hall, or media event from now on.


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