Scottish hate crime bill: “Conversations over the dinner table that incite hatred must be prosecuted.” This is fine. Everything is fine.

Oct 30th

Nothing to see here, just a Western country abandoning its commitment to the open and free exchange of ideas, even within the sacred confines of one's own home, and instead criminalizing thought.

Oh, they're probably just exaggerating...

Okay, they're not exaggerating.

"The bill's definition of hate speech is a broad one, and its text would criminalize anyone acting in ‘a threatening, abusive or insulting manner' towards one of its protected groups."

"…the bill as it currently stands would not require an actual victim, just proof that the perpetrator was motivated by ‘malice' or ‘ill-will.' According to the bill, a report by a "single source" could be enough to secure a conviction."

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf is a big supporter of the bill, which amends "The 1986 Public Order Act by eliminating the ‘dwelling defence,' which currently protects speech inside your home."

These would include comments made in "a threatening, abusive or insulting manner" towards one of the protected groups.

FYI: Humza Yousaf is in one of the protected groups.

Imagine a world in which you are not permitted to annoy Humza Yousaf in your own home.

As luck would have it, we don't have to imagine.

Earlier this year an Edinburgh Labour councillor, Professor Scot Arthur, asked his Twitter followers to take part in a poll that he had created:

What attracted Humza Yousaf to politics?

A) The 9/11 attacks

B) The Iraq War

C) The photo calls (publicity photos – ed.)

Hamza immediately called for Arthur's suspension citing his tweet as clear evidence that he was against his faith and his religion.

Except for one problem.

Hamza himself has said that 9/11 was "hugely to do with where I am today," and "The Iraq war was the trigger for my politics."


The tweet was a dig, a bit of snark, regarding his penchant for seeking the limelight. Basically, it was a soundly constructed joke using his own words.

Scotland is clearly in the best of hands.

What do we care? It's all the way over in Scotland! It's just part of a major Anglo-Saxon country from which the United States drew many of its fundamental philosophical and legal underpinnings.

That could never happen here, right?

Oh, right.

Before I let you go, Yousef is very annoyed that there are so many white people in the Scottish government.

Scotland is 96% white.


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