Apparently, 80 pounds of explosive Tannerite is too much for a gender reveal, as neighbors 20 miles away learned

Apr 23rd

Tannerite is a destructive cocktail of fun things that explode on impact. This timestamped video shows what 80 pounds of said Tannerite looks like when you shoot a bullet at it:

[Language warning if you watch far enough]

Now that you have that visual, here's what happened this week in New Hampshire:

From the article:

"A massive blast from gender reveal party that involved 80lbs of explosives sparked fears of an earthquake when it shook entire towns on the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border.

Police in Kingston, a New Hampshire town not far from the Massachusetts border, received a flurry of 911 calls from terrified homeowners following a loud explosion Tuesday evening.

They responded to Torromeo quarry where they found a family who acknowledged holding a gender reveal party with 80lbs of the Tannerite explosive, which is sold over the counter for use in firearms practice."

The family reportedly had permission to be there from the quarry owners.

What they didn't account for is that they'd create a shockwave that would crack the foundations of homes next to the quarry.

The man who bought said explosives turned himself into police, but when everything is said and done, at least no one got hurt and the neighbors weren't too angry about it:

"It knocked pictures off our walls… I'm all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme," said one woman who lives adjacent to the quarry.

If you're wondering, the expectant couple is going to have a boy.

Enjoy your God-given freedom to explosive toys, 'Murica, but for goodness sake... don't blow up your neighborhood.


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