Apparently it's racist to use the word "marijuana" now and some states are even striking the word from the text of their laws
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Howdy ho all you dope smoking hippies!

I come to tell you of yet another word we need to stop using due to its roots in "racism."

That word: "marijuana."

Yes, using the word "marijuana" is now racist, and states are actually trying to remove the word from state laws. Washington just did it. (Great job, guys!)


Marijuana is racist!

And here's why (please click that link and watch the video โ€“ it's crazy talk):

Apparently, we need to stop saying "marijuana" and this is why. The phrase actually has racist roots, and was used to knock on people of color for their "devilish ways." While the word itself isn't inherently racist, it was used derogatorily by American prohibitionists. So, when you used the word, you're ignoring a long history of oppression.

Yeah, the word "marijuana" is so incredibly racist that the states of Maine and Virginia have introduced legislation to ban the word from all state laws. Washington's governor just signed the rule into law and they will instead use the more friendly "cannabis." Health Canada hasn't used the term since 2016.

So as you can see, this is very serious stuff.

NPR gives us some extra sincere coverage of this amazing moment in history:

Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed a bill striking the word "marijuana" from the text of all state law. The measure says to use the word "cannabis" instead.

The effort in Washington is part of a national movement to retire the word.

Washington Democrat Melanie Morgan, who sponsored the bill in the state House, calls the word marijuana "pejorative and racist." Morgan said replacing it is merely one way to create change.

Some cannabis retailers and industry trade groups have stopped using the word...

Anti-drug activists often used the word marijuana in a negative way, and the media and government officials also turned it against people of color, including Mexican immigrants and jazz musicians. Then, in 1937, the federal government outlawed the drug.

That popularized narrative is part of why many now say the word marijuana should be retired.

Got that, people?

If you say the word "marijuana" you're a racist.

Even if you say it all cool like they do on the street. Even if you're a minority yourself.

So please, stop using this hurtful word.

Because if you use it, you risk offending a woke white person.

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