Artists at NYC's Guggenheim Museum throw paper airplanes to show support for no-fly zone in Ukraine ... but I thought artists usually opposed war ๐Ÿค”
ยท ยท Mar 8, 2022 ยท

Proving that most lefties and art types have absolutely no clue what's happening in Ukraine and don't understand what a no-fly zone is, artists in New York gathered at the Guggenheim Museum to throw paper airplanes to support such a policy in Ukraine.

The radical Left, as often represented in the world of progressive art, has somehow made a transition from being the peace-loving hippy group to the warmongering "shoot-down-the-Ruskies-to-start-World-War-3" group.

They've come a long way from their previous generation's hero, John Lennon!

What happened to "give peace a chance"?

As many in the replies to this tweet have pointed out, this probably represents less of hunger for war and more of complete ignorance of what a no-fly zone means.




Many Americans have absolutely no clue what a no-fly zone is (hint: it involves actively shooting down anyone violating said zone, which means NATO declaring open war on Russia).

These artists have no idea that they are calling for war. It's sad, to say the least, but not surprising at all!

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