At least 10 dead, 15 wounded across 13 locations in Canada's Saskatchewan province in mass stabbing spree with suspects still at large
· Sep 5, 2022 ·

Authorities are looking for two men who reportedly went on a rampage across multiple locations in indigenous communities in the northern Canadian province of Saskatchewan on Sunday, using knives to kill at least 10 people and wound 15 more.

From The Post Millennial:

Saskatchewan RCMP's commanding officer Rhonda Blackmore said that at 5:40 am a call was received reporting a stabbing on the James Smith Cree Nation, and multiple calls were then came in reporting additional stabbings in other locations in the community. This information was relayed during a press conference.

Victims have been found in 13 locations in the areas of James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon.

"There maybe additional injured victims who transported themselves to various hospitals," Blackmore said.

Authorities released information about the two men and the car they may be driving, and are asking for information from anyone who might have seen them.

More from CBS:

Now you may be asking, why is Annie Oakley writing this article? Is she going to make some untoward quip about how gun control is really working in Canada?

Well yes... and no.

This is a tragedy. There is no joke to be made here. People have died. This community is shattered.

But this is a conversation we should be having after every tragedy since leftist leaders like to use every mass killing with guns as an excuse to pass sweeping gun control legislation. And since people are already talking about it online, we might as well discuss it in a more civilized manner here.

Leftist leaders like Justin Trudeau do a disservice to all Canadians when they limit people's ability to defend themselves, call truckers and farmers extremists, and lock everyone up with insane medical mandates based in fairytale land.

The mental health breakdown that is occurring everywhere these policies have been put in place has accelerated tenfold in Native American communities, which already suffer from extremely high rates of addiction, depression, crime, and suicide. To those like Trudeau, these communities are seemingly only useful when you want to spin a story about Catholic Church abuses to get white liberals to burn some church buildings down.

If these leaders cared about the health of their citizens, they would defend their rights to life and liberty, including the right to defend themselves with the proper tools from the inevitable lunatics who will use whatever weapons available to them to kill as many people as possible.

Instead, Trudeau said in June, "You can't use a gun for self-protection: that's not a right you have."

I hope these perps are caught and brought to justice. But I also hope Canadians are one day able to defend themselves and their families from criminals who will stop at nothing to shed the blood of innocent lives with whatever tools they have at their disposal.

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