Atheists arguing against non-existent Christian beliefs is kind of hilarious!

Sep 23rd

You've probably heard that atheists know more about Christianity and religion in general than Christians and religious people. But when you read some of their arguments, it's almost adorable how little they seem to know about the Bible, basic Christian beliefs, or church history.

For example...

Heaven isn't real because clouds

Ah, yes. Because what 7-year-old doesn't have it all figured out? If you'd read anything in the Bible about Heaven or The Kingdom of Heaven or actually talked to any Christian at any point, you would realize that Christians don't claim that Heaven is on some cloud.

But go on, tell me more about how you peaked when you were 7, and never progressed after that...

You're science-ing wrong

#ProTip: If you never ask questions about your religion, you're doing it wrong. And if you think scientific data answers philosophical and religious questions, you're doing that wrong. If you think science is answering your philosophical questions about morality and purpose, guess what?

That's not science, that's just another religion.

If Jesus is real, explain the letter J!

How could Jesus exist if the English word for Jesus didn't exist 2,000 years ago?

If that doesn't make you question everything you've ever believed, check this out: How could dinosaurs have existed before the word 'dinosaur' was invented?

Check mate, atheists.

"Mom, shouldn't we use this tithe money for the very things tithe money gets used for?"

For a group of people who like to make fun of "invisible sky daddy," atheists sure spend a lot of time fantasizing about beliefs that most Christians don't have. Sure, you might have a point if you're talking exclusively about people who give money to Kenneth Copeland, but it's like you've never even asked what churches do with tithe money. Nearly every church has some program for helping provide assistance to the homeless or poor, in addition to contributing to charitable organizations around the globe, and missionaries who help connect impoverished countries with much-needed skills and resources.

Statistically, religious people give more to charities than non-religious people, and that applies to charities in general, not just churches.

I would totally spend that money in a more charitable way. If I gave to charity.

If God is real, why [insert randomly generated unbiblical doctrine]?

To be honest, I was going to look for a better quality version of this meme, but it actually kind of adds some charm to see how cruddy it has become after being shared a bjillion times.

But, yeah. If your entire understanding of Christianity is based off of Far Side cartoons, then sure. You got me so good.

I guess the moral here is, before you share what you think is just the ultimate blow to someone's belief system, make sure it actually has anything to do with what they believe. Otherwise, you're using about as much intellectual authority as...

Welll, a straw man.

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