An auction for a jar of sand from the spot where Tom Brady retired has reached nearly six figures
· Feb 6, 2023 ·

Remember when Tom Brady re-retired?

Want to commemorate that moment forever?

Well thanks to Ebay seller gadgetgs, you can.

They are selling a mason jar full of the very sand Tom Brady made his second retirement video on, gathered on the day the video was made.

You can be sure of that because of this photo of a copy of a February 1, 2023, paper taken in the spot.

Just because it got posted on February 5th means nothing.

Bids on the jar of sand have already reached $99,900 as of this time of writing.

The astronomical numbers have spawned a host of copycat listings that are using the same picture, and some that seem to be legitimately at the spot in North Carolina and claim the original is a fake because it's a sunny day, not a cloudy one like in the video.

One person selling sand for $15,000 even shows a picture of himself in the spot with a box of mason jars on a cloudy day.

Who knows what's real?

One thing is sure. If you bid on any of these auctions, you'll get a jar of very expensive sand.

And no matter how expensive it is, or whether or not the GOAT Tom Brady really re-retired on top of it, the sand is still guaranteed to be coarse, rough and irritating, and it will get everywhere.

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