Balloonhead New York Mayor Bill de Blasio On Vaccines: "The Voluntary Phase Is Over!"
· Jul 28, 2021 ·

There's nothing quite like waking up in the morning and seeing a video of the mayor of the largest city in the United States say that he's done playing Mr. Nice Guy and that the days of voluntary vaccination are over:

The weird mayor of New York is losing his patience with his citizens and is tired of doing things the easy way. Now, it appears he wants it to be Bill's way or the highway for New Yorkers.

After all, he has given New Yorkers all sorts of "incentives", as he points out, to take the vaccine. Who can forget the impassioned plea de Blasio made when he went on tv and disgustingly ate a cheeseburger and fries, right into the microphone, promising free french fries to those who'd take the vaccine?

And you're telling me that the mayor of New York stuffing his face like a pig didn't get everyone in the city to line up for the vaccine? That's so hard to believe.

No, in this interview Mayor Bill says, essentially, "I've asked nicely, but not you're going to force me to take more drastic measures."

"We tried voluntary. We could not have been more kind and compassionate as a country…free testing, incentives, friendly warm embrace — the voluntary phase is over."

Oh! How kind and compassionate have you been, mayor! Such a warm and understanding human being. He has been merciful and patient up to this point.

Now, de Blasio has made it clear that his desire is for every person to be vaccinated, even if it's against their will.

And if you refuse? Well, can't say, but I have to remind you of the fate of a certain groundhog that de Blasio was responsible for.

RIP Charlotte.

Mayor Bill is obviously a clown, and has no way of actually enforcing this type of vaccine mandate (after all, NYC was one of the first cities to fall prey to the "defund the police" crowd).

But this does show the true colors of de Blasio and his friends on the left. They are totalitarians at heart and want to control every aspect of your life. If they can mandate this vaccine, what else might be next on their list?

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