This Christian university in New York fired two employees for violating school policy by including their pronouns in their email signature
· May 19, 2023 ·

Houghton University in western New York just proved to me their conservative credentials with this move.

The school made it a policy that employees cannot have their pronouns in their bio because, obviously, it endorses the modern Western worldview that sex and gender are malleable and that pronouns are something someone can choose willy-nilly instead of lining up with biological reality.

Then these two woke folks kept their pronoun virtue signal in their emails and got fired for breaking the rules.

Administrators at Houghton, which is affiliated with a conservative branch of the Methodist Church, asked Ms. Zelaya and Mr. Wilmot, two residence hall directors, to remove the words "she/her" and "he/him" from their email signatures, saying they violated a new policy. When they refused to do so, both employees were fired, just weeks before the end of the semester.

I'm sorry, spare me all your "free speech" and "they're just trying to be nice" bull crap.

These two people violated the school's Christian policies so that they could signal their allegiance to the spirit of the age, get fired, and have The New York Times write puff pieces about them.

In Ms. Zelaya's termination letter, a photo of which was widely shared online, she was told she was fired "as a result of your refusal to remove pronouns in your email signature" as well as for criticizing an administration decision to the student newspaper.

Houghton University is affiliated with the Wesleyan Church, which teaches that "gender confusion and dysphoria are ultimately the biological, psychological, social and spiritual consequences of the human race's fallen condition." It views "adult gender nonconformity as a violation of the sanctity of human life."

Dude, I'm not Methodist or Wesleyan, but I am impressed with this school.

That is a solid statement from the Wesleyan Church.

Houghton is a small school, with only about 1,000 students attending, but it's not afraid to make big moves.

Since 2021, it has closed a multicultural student center and an environmental sustainability program and rescinded its recognition of an on-campus L.G.B.T.Q. club after the club declined to more promote conservative views on sex and gender.

I love this school.

It's refreshing to see Christian schools that actually stand up for Christian principles.

If they have pronouns in their bio, after being warned and instructed, then they are teaching and living out principles in opposition to Christ and His church.

Good on Houghton for getting the rot out.

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