Basketball player uses nationally televised CBS interview to show off his "Free the Uyghurs" T-shirt, and the mainstream media won't show it so come see it here
· Jul 14, 2021 ·

On opening weekend of the BIG3 basketball season—this is Ice Cube's 3-on-3 basketball league, which runs for ten weeks over the summer and is broadcast on CBS—former Iowa State standout Royce White decided to take advantage of his airtime on CBS during a post-game interview and show off his beautiful "Free the Uyghurs" t-shirt.

When asked by BIG3's John Salley, "your shirt, what's it mean?" White responded like a champion:

Free the Uyghurs: Two million ethnic minorities in East Turkestan China in concentration camps. Something we gotta talk about. You know I'm always going to talk about the real things.

Bravo, Royce White.


Now, notice he says "something we gotta talk about," since, you know, it really is something we should all be talking about. Many believe the Uyghur crisis is on its way to becoming a genocide. Others are sure it already is.

Either way, it's quite odd to me how quiet the mainstream media is on this issue. I mean, we literally have people being thrown in concentration camps in China simply because of their religious and cultural beliefs. And all these people want is independence from China—hence White's use of the name "East Turkestan."

So Royce White, I gotta give it to you here. You spoke up. You tried.

But from the mainstream media we have heard not a blip about White's courageous expression on CBS.

Not a word.

And that really makes me wonder: is China just pulling all the strings these days when it comes to our media coverage? Because it sure looks that way.

Oh hey, did you notice the reverse Nike Swoosh on Royce White's t-shirt?

That's a nice touch.

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